Mana Bar Fat Pack

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    New Mana Bar Fat Packs Include.

    1 $20 Mana Bar Booster Pack

    2  Sealed $4 Packs from Random Sets 

    1- D20 (Random)

    1- D6 (Random)

    1- Eclipse Deck Box

    When you click on the item it will give you the option to choose your favorite color. (red, black, green, white, blue)

    These choices help us build packs you guys really enjoy. It's not 100% so you wont get all Red cards if you choose red, but it helps us have an idea.

    There are a lot of re-packs on the market and we wanted our boosters to be different. We want this to be a product you guys can really enjoy and benefit from.

    Each pack will always have at least 7 cards. The value in the cards will always be greater then the cost of the pack based on TCG-mid when we seal the pack. Every Month we make 100 of each color. Once they are sold they are sold. All packs have chances at great pulls but a few packs with have the "High Value" cards.

    This month is a Mystery Booster Mana Crypt

    White - $30.00
    Red - $30.00
    Green - $30.00
    Blue - $30.00
    Black - $30.00

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